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Essential Oils Desk Reference  ...  Essential Oils Desk Reference ...
NEW and improved Essential Oils Desk Reference Convention Edition. Say goodby to the bulky three-ring binder! The new EODR Convention Edition is improved with a spiral bound configuration thus reducing overall prouduct weight making it more convenient to carry with you on the go. The following improvements can be found in the EODR Covention Edition:

• Distributor requested product highlighted index

• New Essential Oils research information

• A new section on Airase

Price: 79.95

Essential Oils Pocket Reference Essential Oils Pocket Reference
Essential Oils Pocket Reference Legacy (5th Edition) Contains updated single oils and blended oils sections as well as the personal usage section.

Unlike previous editions of the pocket reference, this fifth edition of nearly 400 pages is the most informative pocket reference we have produced, and it still maintains its versatility as a portable reference manual. This reference guide has both the single oils and blended oils sections, which is unique to all previous editions. This more portable, compact version of the Legacy Edition Desk Reference (5th Edition) is coil bound so it will lay flat while in use. It's 5" x 6.5" format fits neatly in purse, pack or briefcase. In addition to the large Personal Usage Chapter from the Desk Reference, this pocket version also includes chapters on Safety, Applications, Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex, Emotional Response, a complete Singles chapter, and for the first time the complete Blended Oils chapter with photos.

Price: 24.95

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide
This new title by Gary Young promises to be a landmark work in providing meaningful, research-based information on how to use essential oils for better health, directed to the general public. Published in March 2003, this book was written for health professionals and the general public as an extensive reference for the therapeutic use of pure essential oils.

Price: 34.95

Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood

Is there really a whole food that is more effective than:

--Coenzyme Q10 for supporting heart function?

--Echinacea for strengthening the immune system?

--Oat bran for lowering cholesterol?

--St. John's wort for treating depression?

Price: 15.00

Raindrop Technique - Revised and Expanded Raindrop Technique - Revised and Expanded

By Gary Young

D. Gary Young's Healing and Relaxing Raindrop Technique

Price: 5.95

Raindrop Technique booklet (Old Version) Raindrop Technique booklet (Old Version)

Over a 3-month period Gary Young directed the ESP staff through 3 major redrafts of the Raindrop Technique instructions to provide more detail and accuracy than ever before. This resulted in a significantly revised and updated chapter on Raindrop for the Integrative Medical Guide.

Price: 3.25

New Route to Robust Health New Route to Robust Health

This brief but heavily documented booklet contains extremely valuable information about comining food supplements with weight training to lose weight, increase muscle mass, reduce blood pressure, improve energy and endurance.

Price: 2.50

Pregnenalone Pregnenalone

Author D. Gary Young, ND presents the extensive research behind his testing of pregnenalone and the development of pregnenalone-containing supplements.

Price: 3.50

Truth Behind Growth Hormone Truth Behind Growth Hormone

Building on the nutritional anti-aging facts outlined in Longevity Secrets, Dr. Gary Young exposes many of the benefits and also the recently discovered dangers of injectable human growth hormone (HGH).

Price: 3.50

Raindrop Technique DVD Raindrop Technique DVD

This long-awaited training video corresponds precisely to the written instructions found in the new Raindrop booklet. Released in May, 2003, this professional video production is a step-by-step training guide performed and narrated by Gary Young himself.

Price: 19.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Aireau Online > Young Living  > Essential Oils and Aromatherapy > Dr. Gary Young Material

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