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Kangen Water Filters (Alkaline/Antioxidant Water)
Kangen Water Filters (Alkaline/Antioxidant Water)
Carbon Water Filters
Carbon Water Filters To improve the quality of your drinking water Aireau has an excellent range of Activated Carbon Filters. These range from 'counter top' filters, 'under sink' through to 'whole house' systems treating up to 4,000,000 litres of water.

Ceramic Water Filters
Ceramic Water Filters Contaminated drinking water is still an ever present danger throughout the so called developed world, due to inadequate training and facilities. In keeping with its tradition, Doulton has developed a range of drinking water filters to tackle the problems of today.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis
Domestic Reverse Osmosis Osmosis is a natural process known for over two hundred years, on which todays reverse osmosis water filtration systems are now based.

The walls of living cells are natural semi-permeable membranes. This means that the membrane is selective, some materials can pass through this barrier whilst others cannot.

The general operation of all reverse osmosis modules is the same. The untreated or raw tap feed water is supplied up to the membrane and split into the permeate which is defused through the membrane and the concentrate which passes over the membrane, which is then sent away, carrying away the minerals and other unwanted contaminants to waste.
Aireau Online > Water Products  > Water Filters

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